All your favorite street shops right on your phone

Shopwalk connects you to those favorite shops in your neighborhood/city.


Your current and future favorite shops!


Get prices & availability, make reservations to pick up later...

What's new

Check the latest offerings, discounts and promotions!

Your favorite shops on your phone

As you walk around your neighborhood/city, look for Shopwalk logo at the door of your favorite shops, add them -and if they are not there, do tell them to join us!- so you can connect to them and see what new offers and promotions they have lined up...

Maintain your privacy

No need to share your real identity or your mobile number; Shopwalk and your street shops are only there to serve you, so pick a name you want to be known with and you are done!

Chat to buy or check availability of items

Through chatting with your favorite shops you can easily check prices & availability, make reservations to pick up later, order products or make appointments.

My Shop

for Shopwalk

Shopkeepers app

With My Shop , your place of business becomes instantly smart, enabling you to talk to your customers and let them talk to you. Anytime anywhere. Serve them well. Know them better. Keep them coming. Sell them more of what they need and love!

Shopwalk was born out of our passion for urbanism, shopping and technology as we believe that street retail, street shops, street cafes are what makes cities exciting.

We are located in Amman and that's where we are starting up our pilot launch, do watch out for our logo at a shop near you!

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