Hello World!

Hello World!

We are Shopwalk.

The smart street shopping app.

We are here to make street, real-life shopping more exciting, smart and connected.

As a shopper, we aim to enable you with tools to interact with your favorite shops and shopkeepers in your neighborhood or city, in a productive, convenient and interactive way.

As a shopkeeper or owner, we aim to make your shop connected and smart with a variety of tools to help you manage, serve and delight your customers every day. Keep them coming. Sell them more of what they need and love!

Shopwalk was born out of our passion for urbanism, shopping and technology as we believe that street retail, street shops, street cafes are what makes cities exciting.

In advanced economies we’re seeing retail being decimated by the steady advance of e-commerce. The same will happen everywhere at one point. But we don’t think that this should be the end of street shopping. As long as people have physical bodies, getting out of the house and going to shops, from the humble to the sophisticated will always be an essential human experience.

We hope Shopwalk can play a major role in the digital augmentation of physical shopping.

We are located in Amman, Jordan and that’s where we are starting up our pilot launch, do watch out for our logo at a shop near you!

Do you own a street shop/business? Download My Shop for Shopwalk App and start inviting and serving your customers!

Are you in Amman? Download Shopwalk App and start talking to your favorite shops!

Happy shopping everyone!


We would like to thank the team who worked with us the past few months

Spring@: Ahmad Oweis (Android), Ed Khamaiseh (iOS) and Rabie Awamleh (NodeJS)

Syntax@: Zaid Allan (Logo and sticker)

Diala Khasawnih for her help in the Arabic translation of the website.

Shatha Hijazi for her help in testing.



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